HP Z2 Tower G4 workstation is the next gen up from the Z240. HP is focused on the Z2 at entry and mid-range makers needs in AEC/Product Dev, Higher Education, Media and Entertainment. It is 13% more modest yet with choices for designs bundles giving 60% more power than the Z240.

In the same way as other HP and other off the shelf workstations, the Z2 offers a few customization alternatives. For processors, it leans towards 8th Gen Intel processors yet additionally supports Xeon processors and even a Pentium. A large number of the CPU alternatives boast six cores, a significant in addition for anybody accomplishing multi-strung work. The Z2 also offers a scope of hard drives relying upon capacity and access speed needs, including their HP Z Turbo Drive G2 PCIe NVMe SSD. The NVMe drives some beautiful critical exhibition gains over standard high-performing SSDs. This incorporates quicker boot up, figuring, and illustrations reaction times. It likewise considers ideal work conditions under resource-heavy applications, adding a huge load of flexibility and power to the Z2.

Key Features:

    • Powerful performance
    • Quiet cooling fans.
    • Compact for a mid-tower.
    • Highly configurable.
    • Removable dust filters.
    • Standard three-year warranty.


Some clarification around HP’s marketing of the Z2 Tower G4 as “entry-level” is required because it is no longer the company’s least-expensive workstation. That designation belongs to the Z1 Entry Tower, which isn’t always a actual member of the Z product line, however a rebranded HP EliteDesk laptop with workstation-grade components. The genuine Z towers, starting with the Z2 Tower G4, are constructed for non-stop hundreds and demands, and whilst it truly is now not to say the Z1 could not take care of the equal duties, it is now not explicitly designed for them.

Within the Z2 line, the Z2 Tower G4 is the most powerful, with the Z2 Small Form Factor and the Z2 Mini buying and selling overall performance for size. For the subsequent degree of capability, HP gives its tower-only Z4, Z6, and Z8 workstations that scale to tiers of overall performance and pricing that most of us can infrequently imagine.


    • Intel Xeon E-2224G 4.7GHz CPU
    • 16GB DDR4 Ram
    • 2 x Spare M.2 Drive slots
    • 2 x Spare SATA Ports
    • 2 x DisplayPort
    • 2 x 512GB 2.5″ SATA SSD
    • 2 x Spare 5.25″ Drive bays
    • Intel UHD Graphics 630
    • 500W Power supply
    • Windows 10 Professional 64bit
    • 3 x Gigabit Ethernet
    • 1 x PCIe x4 slot, 2x PCIe x16 Slots
    • 1 x Spare SATA Power, 1 x Spare Molex Power
    • 3 Year Warranty


The HP Z2 Tower G4 is a exceptional preference for a mid-tower computing device workstation. Entry-level it might also be by way of notebook standards, however its nearly infinite configurations enable it to be tailor-made for nearly any usage. It’s budget-friendly, too, thanks to its availability with Intel Core-class processors that, in contrast to some Xeon chips, do not require ECC memory. It additionally gives very high-end GPU choices like the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 16GB card in our assessment sample, which is decidedly in contrast to an entry-level workstation.

That said, the bottomless configuration picks for this tower can be their very own worst enemy. Despite being well-equipped for simply about everything, our take a look at unit overlooked some fundamentals like USB-C and a flash-card reader. It fortuitously wasn’t missing for something else.

The Z2 Tower G4 in our as-tested guise is powerful, quiet, serviceable, and, for a tricked-out workstation, notably affordable. A trendy three-year onsite guarantee on even the least-expensive configuration seals the deal and makes this HP our top pick for a mid-tower workstation.