HP has a wide range of lightweight laptops. However, if you are looking for true power and portability, your best bet will be the HP EliteBook laptop series. They are some of HP’s thinnest, lightest as well as most secure business notebooks.

Let us learn about this HP lightweight laptop series in more detail –

Cutting edge and innovative design

The laptops from HP EliteBook series feature a distinctively desinged and ultraslim aluminium bodies, adding a style statement as you easily carry them around from one meeting to another.

But don’t let the delicate and elegant looks fool you! The HP EliteBook laptops are put through a series of military standard testing so that you can be assured of best-in-class durability. Thus, even if you frequently embark on long business commutes that take you to places with extreme temperatures, your laptop will be safe from excessive damage and remain operational as ever.

Advanced connectivity and collaboration options

Mobile work largely depends upon the availability of a strong Internet connection and your ability to conduct productive online calls.

The HP EliteBook series gives you options for up to 5G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi 6, so that you can stay connected to your work even in dense wireless environments.

Top firing speakers and advanced collaboration features like the HP Noise Cancellation Software make sure that all your PC calls are productive. Other options like a world-facing third microphone and convenient collaboration keys further improve your collaboration experience.

Powerful security features

As mentioned before, these are HP’s most secure business notebooks. Hardware enforced, self-healing security features work together to completely secure your device from BIOS to browser. They not only proactively prevent threats, but also enable you to quickly recover in case a breach does occur. Let us take a quick look at some of these security features –

    • HP Privacy Camera – Share only what you want
    • HP Sure View – Keep visual hackers in the dark
    • HP Sure Sense – Intelligent threat defense
    • HP Sure Click – Browse confidently
    • HP Sure Start – Automatic recovery from firmware attacks


Ultra-bright, anti-glare display

HP EliteBook laptops offer an optional outdoor viewable display for those who love to work outside the confines of four walls. The anti-glare display makes it easy for you to work comfortably in almost any lighting condition.

Contact us for more information on the powerful HP EliteBook series. We can help you select the right model as per your business requirements.