Over the years, laptops have become thinner, lighter, and yet more powerful. HP has always been at the forefront when it comes to manufacturing highly-efficient lightweight laptops. These laptops are available in most metro cities in India. In this article, we will discuss the best HP lightweight laptop series in Chennai. The major among these laptops are –

1.  HP EliteBook series –

EliteBook possesses the sought-after combination of power, portability, and durability which makes it an attractive choice for all business professionals. HP EliteBook has two main variants – G7 and G8, each varying in configuration and processing power. EliteBook is studded with an i7 10th Gen processor with 16 GB of RAM, and an NVidia MX250 GPU. It can handle 3D graphics rendering and financial modeling easily. 1 TB of SSD ensures fast boot-up and breezy multitasking. The display is a vibrant 14-inch full-HD IPS screen capable of producing sharp images. Being a notebook meant for performance, EliteBook has amazing battery life. It lasts for more than 19 hours, even on continuous heavy-usage. These laptops are quite lightweight, weighing around 2.95 lbs.

2. HP ZBook series –

HP’s ZBook firefly series of laptops are claimed to be the smallest and lightest workstations by HP. As workstation laptops, these machines are highly powerful but still manages to keep their footprint light. With a 14 inch 250 nits screen, an i7 11th Gen processor, NVIDIA graphics, and up to 64 GB of RAM, these laptops do not compromise on performance in any way. It includes a host of security and connectivity features which are a treat for users concerned for their device’s security and privacy. These laptops weigh less than 3 lbs and give a battery backup of around 20 hours. These laptops also come with a backlit spill-resistant keyboard and premium dual stereo speakers. These machines are meant for power users like graphic designers and financial modelers.

3.  HP Spectre series –

HP Spectre is a series of convertible ultrabooks from HP. They are ultra-thin productivity machines meant to be used for business people who want portability together with power. These laptops sports a full HD screen, SSD storage, 8 GB and above RAM, Intel 11th Gen processors. Even with such powerful hardware, they give an astounding 20 hours of battery backup. It comes in two variants of 13-inch and 14-inch screen. These categories are further divided into fully convertible or partially convertible models. There are plenty of options to choose from in the Spectre series. So whether you are a business professional or an enthusiast programmer, Spectre laptops are just the right fit for you.

Although each of these laptops is the best in their categories. In general, these are the best lightweight laptops that are offered by HP all over the world. You can choose whichever laptop which best suits your needs and budget, but you can be assured that with these laptops you will be getting the best-in-class product with the reliability and credibility of an international brand like HP.

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