As much as it is important to select the right laptop for your business needs, acquiring from the right dealer is just as much important – not only to enjoy great deals, but also to avoid any issues related to customer service and tech support.

If you have decided that the HP EliteBook series is a suitable choice for you, let us see what makes USAM the best HP EliteBook laptop provider in Chennai –

A brief glimpse of USAM

A renowned technology provider, we strive to enable our customers with the right technology that promotes business growth and drives increased revenues. We focus on meeting our customer expectations at all times, and aim for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

Providing solutions for 3000+ organizations over 25 years, we have been a steadfast and reliable arm of technology support for our valued customers.

We are proud to be an authorized HP Partner. As such, we host a wide range of HP products, the HP EliteBook laptop series being one of them.

An overview of the HP EliteBook series

These are some of HP’s thinnest, lightest and the most secure laptops and 2-in-1s. These powerful and versatile devices are designed to keep up with today’s ultra mobile workforce.

Our portfolio of HP EliteBook laptops include –

    • HP EliteBook 800 series
    • HP EliteBook x360 1030
    • HP EliteBook 1040

The laptops excel in the following areas –


With cutting-edge design and innovative engineering, the HP EliteBook laptops easily adapt to the way you get work done in the modern workplace. Slim and stylish, they add to your professional aesthetic and help you strike the right first impression.

Quality and durability

The HP EliteBook laptops are much more than just pleasing to look at. By undergoing several hours of rigourous military standard testing, they are built for unquestionable durability.
Whether you travel frequently for business purposes or you have the clumsy habit of occassionally dropping your laptop, the HP EliteBook laptops will not be much worse for wear. Thus, you are assured of a sound investment that will last for years to come.

Performance and graphics

You get a lot of options for powerful processors and graphics to handle your most demanding projects. Plus long battery life and advanced connectivity options up to 5G make sure that your work does not stop unduly when you are on the move.


To battle the evolving cyber threats, HP has protected the EliteBook series with self-healing, hardware-enforced security solutions. It includes an AI-based malware protection and an optional integrated privacy screen to discourage visual hacking attacks.

Contact us for more information on the HP EliteBook laptops. We can help you make the right choice based on your business and budget requirements.